The hearts of our Crosby Community are left broken with the passing of two beloved instructors: Cynthia Ann Roberts; and Cindy Forsythe.

Cynthia, also known as “Cindy,” Ann Roberts was born on January 11, 1960, in Baytown, TX. She grew up in Crosby, TX attending Sacred Heart Catholic School in her early years and graduated from Crosby High School in 1978. In 2006, Cynthia began to make a difference in the lives of the people from May Community Center and Crosby Community Center by teaching Yoga twice a week. She had such an incredible passion for yoga and volunteer work that she began to teach two additional days.

Yoga Students

[Image above: Cynthia Roberts (far right) with two of her yoga students]

“Her mission was to guide people to breathe and relax through Yoga movements, thus empowering them to strengthen the body’s inner self and work toward mental peace,” said Crosby Community Center Coordinator, Michelle Thompson.

Aside from her passion for yoga, Cindy loved rooting for the Houston Astros and Texans, as well as participated in the Crosby Line Dancing Classes and competitions. Her dedication to the people in the community, over the years, caused her to gain a large following of students, who will deeply miss her.

Michelle Thompson and Cindy

[Image above left to right: Michelle Thompson and Cynthia Ann Roberts]


The loss of a second instructor has left a great void in the lives of many from the Crosby area.

Cindy Forsythe, born in Baytown, TX, and graduated from Goose Creek High School, was known for her painting classes at the Crosby Community Center. She received a Masters of Decorative Artists in 1975 and was a member of the Society of Decorative Painters.

Magazine Article Painting

[Image above: Cindy Forsythe’s painting featured in a magazine article]


Throughout the years, she discovered her passion for teaching in the Decorative Painting field and began her life as an instructor at the Crosby Community Center in 2007. Her fascination for creative arts was so contagious that participants who took her class once showed quick interest and would continue to attend her classes.

“Cindy always encouraged her class to participate in the Center’s Annual Art Exhibit and Reception; she even wore her painted clothing pieces to this years’ reception,” said Thompson.

Cindy Forsyth

(Image above: Cindy Forsythe wearing a skirt she painted for the Center’s Annual Art Exhibit)

Cynthia Roberts and Cindy Forsythe will forever remain in the hearts of those who they empowered through their passion for community. We are grateful for the difference they made in our community and ask that you keep their families in your thoughts during this time.

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