Recognizing the need for more health care access in Harris County Precinct 2, Commissioner Garcia has championed new initiatives to help residents live more healthy lives. Among the four precincts within Harris County, Precinct 2 has the highest number of children and adults who do not have health insurance. As an initial step toward making health care available to anyone who needs it, Commissioner Garcia welcomed the opening of the brand new Riley Chambers Health and Wellness Center in Barrett Station with a ribbon cutting and tour of the Wellness Center.

Grand Opening

Under the leadership of Executive Director, Dr. Umair Shah, Harris County Public Health, has been a strong partner in helping Commissioner Garcia achieve his healthcare-related goals of easier access, better resources, and preventative care. HCPH will be providing the Center’s services.

As a public health care baby himself, the issue has a personal touch for Commissioner Garcia. With that history, ever since coming into office Commissioner Garcia has dedicated himself to helping residents of his precinct live healthier lives. Services available at the Riley Chambers Health and Wellness Center will include immunizations, physicals, sports exams, screenings for chronic diseases, family planning, and dental services, all at little to no cost to residents. Before the clinic opened, the nearest public health facility could be a 20-30 minute (or longer) drive. With close to half of Barrett Station residents struggling financially, having access to a clinic in their area will make a big difference in helping them lead healthy lives.

Commissioner Garcia and Dr. Shah were joined at the Ribbon Cutting by Rev. Malcolm Barrett, the great-grandson of the Barrett Station Founder, Harrison Barrett, a former slave. As a token of his appreciation for bringing the clinic to the area, Rev. Barrett gave Commissioner Garcia and Dr. Shah signed copies of a book about the community’s founding in 1889.

More clinics and similar facilities are planned for Harris County Precinct 2. Click on this link ( to take a peek inside the Health & Wellness Center. To schedule an appointment at Riley Chambers Health and Wellness Center, call 832-297-7374. Walk-ins are also welcome. Patients are being seen now.