Frida Villalobos

Frida Villalobos

Communications Director

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 Harris County, TX— Friday, November 22, 2019- This week’s decision by Judge Rosenthal is bringing us closer to fixing Harris County broken system.  My career in law enforcement has shown me where the government fails and where we could improve. Many have been wrongfully accused. Not everyone who is arrested is a serious or violent criminal. I have seen the wasted human capital that sits behind bars that could otherwise be contributing to our economy. Instead, they are in jail awaiting trial, being fed, housed and medicated by our tax dollars. Families are torn apart, parents losing custody of their children and homes are lost.  If we are going to keep people out of jail for being poor, we need to have a criminal justice system that works for everyone. Our late Houston Reporter Marvin Zindler would often say, “Its hell to be poor!” This is one of those situations where I think he would use this statement.

It is time we take our seat as a national leader in civil rights reform. I know the best way to keep our communities safe is having a multi-tiered approach that allows our District Attorney and law enforcement officers to focus on the most dangerous while enhancing a criminal justice system that promotes fairness for all. Let us be committed to our constitution that proclaims a person is innocent until proven guilty. This settlement is extremely fair on taxpayers and places no onerous or ridiculous obligations on Harris County.