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Harris County, TX — Following his attendance at the funeral for George Floyd Tuesday, and during marathon session of Harris County Commissioners Court, Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia was on the forefront of several criminal justice reform measures that were approved by court. The aim of these measures is to create meaningful change to immediately reduce and eventually eliminate misconduct by county law enforcement officials.

The approval of the measures means Harris County will soon begin evaluating the following:

  • Investigating a standardization of use-of-force tactics
  • Increasing public reporting when law enforcement officials are accused of misconduct
  • Additional sharing of body-cam footage from officer-involved deaths and injuries of suspects
  • Considering a shift in who responds to mental health distress calls, as well as several other groundbreaking moves.

“Though it occurred in Minnesota, here in Harris County, however, the tragic death of George Floyd will not have happened in vain. Real reform of how officers deal with the public is coming, so that going forward, what happened to George should never be repeated in the county where he grew up. I thank my colleagues on Commissioners Court for their assistance in getting these items approved,” said Commissioner Garcia.


  • Resolution honoring the life of George Floyd, acknowledging and decrying racist law enforcement procedures that led to his death (passed 4-1)
  • Evaluation and eventual recommendations to propose standardization of use-of-force tactics (3 motions – all passed, 5-0, 4-1, & 4-1)
  • Engaging the community to discuss best practices for county law enforcement budgets (passed unanimously)
  • Study to evaluate who best should respond to potential mental health crises (passed unanimously)
  • Consideration of a Community Oversight Board (passed unanimously)
  • Analysis of racial disparities in incarceration rates (passed unanimously)

The measures will come back to court for further action.

Note: Some of these measures approved by Commissioners Court were proposed by other members. Commissioner Garcia voted in favor of all of them.

Commissioner Garcia is available to speak further on these actions with press. Please contact Scott Spiegel (713-859-1092) or Frida Villalobos (832-546-1533) to make arrangements.